Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Universe listens

It sure does work in mysterious ways. Although I have always had a knack to be able to invoke what I need simply by asking or putting it out there some things in my life just simply don't work out because I know on some level I have negative thoughts or feelings attached to it. This has gotten the best of me lately, the other day being a culmination of that leading to a sort of a break down. But there is beauty in the breakdown. It forces us to see that somehing is wrong. The other day the accumulation of my negative thinking and months of trying to rid my life of the loss I felt by accepting the loss simply didn't work anymore. I needed help. I needed an answer.
Of course I found it. That night I opened up one of my Wayne Dyer books tonight in bed and opened it up directly to a page that said : Decontaminating your mind fields of energy. Whoa. Talk about exactly what I needed to read. It's nothing I have not heard before but needed the reminder. Our thoughts create our reality and negative thoughts are a bullshit waste of time and affect us and everyone else around us. Duh. I was trying so hard to "get over it" I couldn't see that I was making myself miserable. For me, it's not about forgetting or not feeling, it's about seeing things from a loving persepective and knowing that everything is in my life because I need it to be. I am no longer drowning in sorrow and self pity but grateful for an the opportunity that I have to change and grow and maybe face some issues I have never had the insight to face.

Here is what the chapter ends with; He says, I love this idea, finding the track on which God can be found. This is the energy field I am asking you to consider. It is devoid of the lower energies that contaminate our lives and saddle us with illusions we call problems.

Here's to love and "problems" and change..


  1. There you go, that was easy. Remember when I was telling you about that Oprah magazine article? We torture ourselves just by thinking of would could or could not happen and we develop a mindset thats already preparing us for the worst case scenario. Its all useless,but so easy to fall into. Im glad you found a little reminder to help put it back to the forefront of your mind and solidify what you already knew. Does that make sense?

  2. Yes it makes a lot of sense. I torture myself with what might happen and what has/hasn't happened but it doesn't matter. I have to focus on what is good and forget the rest and not be brought down by what other people think I should do.