Saturday, June 12, 2010

destiny cards


Below is the interpretation for card governing your current 52 day period. The card for Your Destiny has all of the cards for your entire life as well as the cards for everyone you know.
The Basic Meaning of the Nine of Hearts
The Nine of Hearts can be a card of emotional disappointment and personal losses on the affectional level. However, this is the card of completions in love and of 'Universal Love'. Yes, the Nine of Hearts can signal the ending of one or more key relationships. If so, it is most likely that these relationships are no longer doing you any good. It is time for them to end, whether or not you realize this at the time they happen.
However, the Nine of Hearts can also represent our helping others by counseling them or in some way sharing our love and compassion with them. It means a giving of love in a more or less selfless manner.

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