Friday, June 11, 2010


A couple people have suggested to me to start a blog. Nah. I'm not a writer. What would I even say. My life is not that exciting. Who is even gonna read this?

So here I am. Giving it a go. To talk not so exciting life and other stuff that might come up. I figured it would give me something to do on these nights where I am up late and Tv sucks and I can't quite get into "Eat Pray Love" and the Tao te ching is a little too heavy to read. Everyone else is asleep it seems and I am not....
A couple friends of mine have blogs and they are pretty entertaining to read and filled with beautiful photos and crafty-creative makings...not sure what will fill my blog but it's something new to go along with my something-new-life I am starting.


1 comment:

  1. I never finished Eat Pray Love either. It fiZzled out after a while. I think u are super creative and you live in such a beautiful area. Take advantage of that and start photographing, painting, writing, anything goes. You now have more time now that school is out. Enjoy yourself.